I. rise rise 1 [raɪz] verb rose PASTTENSE [rəʊz ǁ roʊz] risen PASTPART [ˈrɪzn] [intransitive]
1. to increase in number, amount, or value:

• House prices are likely to rise towards the end of this year.

rise by

• Sales rose by 20% over the Christmas period.

• As more foreign banks have arrived in Singapore, wages for experienced staff have risen sharply.

• Their salaries will continue to rise steadily until they reach the top of their professions.

• Information technology has been blamed for rising unemployment.

Rising prices are seen as a threat to living standards.

2. rise through the ranks HUMAN RESOURCES to start working for an organization in a low-paid job, and to gradually improve your position, until you get a very important, well-paid job:

• She had risen through the ranks, having joined the company as a secretary after she graduated from high school.

3. rise to the top HUMAN RESOURCES to be very successful and reach a top position in your job or the type of business you are involved in:

• An agency is where you will have the biggest chance of rising to the top in the advertising business.

  [m0] II. rise rise 2 noun
1. [countable] an increase in number, amount, or value:

• We have sold 120,000 cars this year, a 20% rise on last year.

• Tenants face a 20% rent rise.

rise in

• The company reported a 46% rise in first half profits before tax to £220 million.

• A rise in taxes will be necessary if we are to improve our education system.

2. [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES an increase in wages; = raise AmE:

• After you've worked here for one year you get a rise.

• The railworkers were offered a 3% pay rise.

3. [singular] the process of becoming more important, successful, or powerful:
rise of

• the rise of capitalism in the country

* * *

rise UK US /raɪz/ verb [I] (rose, risen)
to increase in number, amount, or value: »

As growth becomes embedded, interest rates rise.


Gold bullion for delivery in December rose $1.20 an ounce to $400 an ounce.


rise sharply/dramatically/steadily, etc.

rise by sth »

Retail sales volume rose by 7.2% in the 12 months to June.

rise to sth »

The jobless rate rose to 4.7% in Japan in September.

WORKPLACE to move up to a more important position in an organization: »

Those who rise to the top in public affairs work can expect social recognition.

rise through sth »

Mr Reed rose quickly through the bank, becoming head of the corporate finance department in 2010.

rise through the ranks »

She rose through the company ranks, becoming general manager in 2009.

rise to the challenge/occasion — Cf. rise to the occasion
rise UK US /raɪz/ noun
[C] an increase in number, amount, or value: a rise in sth »

The strong profits prompted a 64% rise in the dividend.


a sharp/dramatic/small rise


Commodities analysts forecast a rise of around 3%


a price/rate rise

[C] UK (US raise) HR, WORKPLACE an increase in salary or wages: »

I think you should ask the boss for a rise.


Postal workers have cut a pay deal giving them a basic rise of 3.3%.


He will receive a pay rise when he joins the board.

[S] the process of becoming more important or powerful: »

Thanks to the rise of e-commerce, many firms are embracing the internet for many of their activities.


the meteoric rise of the internet as a political tool

on the rise — Cf. on the rise
See also HIGH-RISE(Cf. ↑high-rise), LOW-RISE(Cf. ↑low-rise), PAY RISE(Cf. ↑pay rise)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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